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Looking for a band for your wedding or corporate event?  Are you a touring musician trying to find bands to play shows with?  You came to the right place!  Find local artists and gain access to their music and websites in one place!

PInch of Salt

Hear the latest entry into the Funk Rock with strong vocals, sharp guitar, and piercing drums!  Great music for any celebration.


A smooth mix of Jazz with Funk undertones reminding you of downtown New Orleans street performers near the Cafe Du Monde.


PINE emerged on the local music scene in late 2014.  Hailing from the mountains of northern Utah, they strive to bring together groove rock with atmospheric melodies and progressive rhythms.  By bringing together a multitude of influences, they are able to have something all their own.  Their music brings a unique energy full of emotion and their live shows can be hypnotizing.  An instrumentalist guided tour through the human psyche.  The sound has this psychedelic feel to it that adds  diversity to the local music scene.  Dedication to the craft shows through stage presence, and it's amazing to see how well the band connects with the audience through the music.

MAma Longlegs

One of the hot bands touring northern Utah.  Make sure you check them out soon!  

Your Band!


Come alone or with friends and find your voice.  Don't let your song go unsung!

Big Sis

Big Sis is sassy and will bring a jolt of needed energy into your world.  Don't miss them!

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