Good Times School of Rock is excited to share the love of music with others!  We know that every person can learn an instrument and enjoy making music with the right instruction and practice.


Launching in 2018 at 130 North 100 East, Logan UT, we are providing group practice and performance opportunities as a way for students to reach their full potential in music and in personal growth. 


The founders, Mel Torrie, Raeghn Torrie  Adam Torrie, Allie Harris, Michael Thompson and Jon Starn believe in helping others to see possibilities, reach their goals, expand their talents, build a positive community and enjoy life to the fullest degree possible.  This is why treating every person with respect, building on strengths, positive interactions and a belief in the ability to learn and grow is the foundation for everything Good Times School of Rock does.


Future plans include a scholarship program for low-income youth.  Research has found that consistent musical training helps ALL students achieve greater academic success.  For those students at-risk of not completing high school that same musical training can provide a greater pathway to success.


Allie Harris

Allie received her Bachelor's in music education with a Guitar emphasis at Utah State university.  She has studied guitar with Mike Christiansen, Corey Christiansen, and Austin Weyand.  She has attended many other master level classes and live music events.  She has performed with bands (Mama LongLegs!), quartets, duos and solo for countless events around Utah.  Allie has played guitar for 16 years and has taught guitar lessons for 12 years.

Adam Torrie

Adam Torrie excels at drums, guitar, and jazz piano.  He was one of the youngest to ever make his high school drumline and is working towards attending Berklee College of Music.  He has invested countless hours in making the Good Times school a reality and helps guide student recruitment, breakfast cereal selection, and promotion.

Jon Starn

Jon Starn plays and sings just about everywhere!  He teaches private and group lessons to an enthusiastic group of students. He is an artist, he writes, paints and performs. He is a great host of a many different events (Music Competitions, Open Mics, Concerts…etc.) He is the founder of Willow Tree Music School and is a co-founder of Good Times School of Rock.  “I’m taking my love of teaching to the next level by teaching to more and more students.” 

Michael Thompson

Michael has been heavily involved in setting up open mics, promoting local music events, coordinating touring acts, organizing concert series and playing festivals.  He writes and inspires original music for local talent and has even had his hand in inspiring music that has been noticed and shared by the likes of Metallica.  Acting as a stage hand, he's set up stages and lighting for large touring bands like Tool and Post Malone!  He has been touring with bands in Utah for the last four years! 

Mel & Raeghn Torrie

Mel Torrie earned a Masters in Electrical Engineering doing his graduate work in music reproduction and acoustics under Dr. Paul Wheeler.  Mel and Raeghn (his wife) have started multiple companies in Cache Valley bringing over $100M in high tech, non-profit, and food industry jobs.  Mel has a bad photography habit and will help the school with Business Development and Photography/Video.